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Our Mission

HPR’s mission is to rescue, re-home and rehabilitate homeless animals throughout the nation.To their welfare, wellness and well-being of  animals, and to unleash the full potential of the bond between humans and animals to the mutual benefit of both.

Our goal is that one day, we do not have to rescue anymore.

Our Full Mission



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Blue pawWhat we do

We work towards disaster relief preparedness, disaster relief rescue and education for NO animal to be left behind when a Mother or Man made disaster strikes.

Nationwide we assist with  hands on efforts in disaster areas and try to assist all income families (with preference given to low income families) that have no recourse nor resource to take their pets when a disaster strikes.

We work long and hard towards a No Kill Nation, towards a world where one day there will be no more homeless pets.

We do this by implementing neighborhood spay – neuter programs as well as TNR (Trap Neuter and Release of feral cats) in different communities in South Florida with the goal of limiting the number of animals that enter county shelters.

We promote and educate the public about adopting animals vs. buying.

We work hard towards breed discrimination by educating the public on different breeds specially Pitbulls so the “Deed” is punished and NOT “THE BREED”.
HPR opposes breed-discriminatory legislation (also called breed-specific legislation, BSL), which arbitrarily targets particular dogs because of their appearance or breed.

We work nationwide together with other rescue groups to end breed discrimination and to make sure that victims of dog fighting are given every chance to be adopted or placed with appropriate organizations rather than killed just because of their breed.

We remember Michael Vick all too well and we will never forget…

We stand united with animal welfare groups nationwide in the fight of shutting down “Puppy Mills”.

Blue pawDisaster Relief 

Since our inception in 2005, our disaster relief team of volunteers responds to all Mother Nature and Man made disasters. All of our volunteers are CART certified, and well prepared to handle any situation thrown to them and they are always stand by and ready to go, when the deployment call is made for assistance in the disaster areas. HPR has placed, rescued and reunited hundreds of pets for disaster areas all over the country. Disaster relief volunteer deployment is only possible through donations from the public, help us to continue our mission.

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