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HPR July 4 
Red, White and Blue Sale is here.
Check out the merchandise…
From July 4 to July 31st. all Red (orange), White and Blue (Russian Blue or RB mixes and Gray) cats and kittens are 50 % off the regular adoption fee of $ 100.00.
Please spread the word and help our Red, White and Blue kitties find good homes.
Please visit our Petfinder page to see all of our Red, White and Blue beautiful babies, they are all spay and neutered up to date on shots, dewormed, tested, the works.
Please fill out our screening application or contact us @info@hurricanepetsrescue.org for more information or with any questions.  
Our hot models in the pictures are…
Located in Miami Florida our featured kitties are:
Red is approximately 8-9 years old, loves people, is very affectionate and a total purring machine not to mention a total hunk of a kitty.
He is a little bit of a loner when it comes to other cats, pretty much hangs out on his own and does his own thing.
He loves people and loves to sleep in the most funny. positions; he had lived with dogs in the past.
Buddy Love, he is a superb kitty approximately 5 years old, very affectionate and adores other cats, he has a few best friends in our shelter that it will be nice if he can go with them, but is not a must.
If you adopt Buddy Love and a buddy together the adoption fee will be $ 65.00 for both.
Buddy Love, this baby is the most sweet of all, he is just a little bit shy but loves affection and once he knows you then he is all over you.
His folder ear gives him lot of character, he gets along with other kitties and is best friends with a feral kitty at our shelter.
We will love for them to go together but is not a must as we realize that no many people are open to give a feral kitty a home.
He is approx. 8 years old and in perfect health. He just recently had blood work done and a full dental.
Twister is approx,3.5 years old a long time ago due to some careless and bad humans, he suffered severe trauma to his neck, due to the above his head is a little bit tilted to one side.
Twist is sweet and gets along with all cats, there is not a mean bone in his buddy.
He is a little scare of humans when they approach him too fast and has the potential as to once again be a lap cat.
And we say once again because he use to be one, but ever since humans have hurt him he is now a bit skittish and we do not blame him one bit.
We the right adopter, Twist will be an amazing kitty again.
Princess this kitty has a daughter, they are very bonded and it is a must that they are adopted together.
Princess is appox. 7 years old and this kitty is not only quite chubby but is also quite sweet. This kitty literally puts her arms around your neck and hugs you.
It just doesn’t get any better that Princess.
Located in New Jersey, our featured kitties are:
Cuddles and Brite Eyes.
These kitties are bothers and they absolutely adore each other, they were sepa
rated once when the former owners dumped them at the shelter and we will not separate them again.
Per their foster Mom, it was amazing to see the moment when they got reunited again.
Cuddles is approximately 16 years old and Brite eyes is 6, these babies are the most laid back cats you will ever see, they get along with everyone and love everyone other pets and humans.
We will love nothing more than to see them go to a wonderful home, is time and they so deserve it.
4th of July sale NYC cats
Happy 4th.If you cannot adopt but will like to make a donation towards the support of any of our Red, White and Blue kitties, please click on the Donate Now button below.
You can put the name of the kitty on the subject line once on the paypal page.
Thank you
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