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GABRIELA, Miami Florida.


Gabi is one of our special needs kitties at HPR, she has been with us since a tiny kitten and sadly because of her color she never got adopted.

Gab’s is special needs because she was diagnosed with a condition called Chylothorax where her chest fills up with a very thick fluid.

But not only that, when Gabi went in to get a CT scan her scan revealed that on top of the Chylothorax she also has one lung.

Even though a few vets suggested putting her down, we did some research and found a medication that prevented the fluid from forming.

Gabi was suppose to be dead 5 years ago when diagnosed but thanks to her medication she is still with us, living happy and healthy.

Gabriela takes 2 shorts daily, she cannot live without this medication, literally this medication is what keep her breathing.

Gabi had a sponsor for her medication but as of last month, her sponsor is no where to be found (we hope he is alright),  this medication is extremely expensive there for we or should we say, Gabriela needs your help.

Each vial of her medication costs $ 150.00 one vial lasts give and take a month.

If you can help in anyway with the purchase of Gabriela medication each month please e-mail us @ info@hurricanepetsrescue.org or please go directly to our Guardian Angel Program  page and sign up to sponsor Gabi.

Thank you in advance for anything you can do to help Gabi stay alive.

God Bless.

red cross

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