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Logo oie_transparent[1].png 6-6-14 createdThe mission of Hurricane Pets Rescue Inc. (HPR) is to rescue and advocate for homeless animals, whether it be from a disaster or imminent death in a shelter. Through our efforts we promote the humane treatment of animals, responsible pet guardianship, and  how the human-animal has the power to enhance quality of life for both human and animal alike.

Our small organization came into being after Hurricane Katrina, in response to the overwhelming need for companion animal disaster relief. In the years since, we have continued to rescue pets and reunite them with their families following major disasters.  In many cases having just lost everything, the humans end up being the ones who need our support the most.  

The animals we rescue are mostly seniors, badly injured, suffering from a chronic illness, or disabled. They come to us through a wide range of circumstances, but almost all are in situations that require immediate intervention. 

We do not receive any government funding, and rely heavily on private donations. All donations are applied 100% to the direct and care and well being of the animals. Once an animal is rescued, they are immediately taken to a veterinarian where their medical needs are assessed, and treated. Once released, they are placed in a foster home, or in our own safe haven in Miami. We do not warehouse animals, and have remained remained small to ensure the best possible quality of life for the amazing souls we are guardian to. The HPR  ​safe haven is an impeccably maintained cage free environment, where those who are not adopted have a home for life.​

In order to ensure the safety and well being of the animals in our care, HPR conducts a thorough review of all applications to foster or adopt. The process involves checking references and conducting a home visit.

Since the advent of social media our work also includes collaborating with similarly minded groups or individuals around the country. We network extensively, facilitating and in some cases providing direct assistance with moving at risk animals to safety.

We provide education to the public regarding the humane treatment of animals and responsible pet ownership.

And as well, we perform TNR (Trap, Neuter and Release) of strays and feral cats in different communities throughout South Florida specially in communities of low income families, to help mitigate the pet overpopulation problem.


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