HPR Rescue Policies 


Hurricane Pets Rescue (HPR) is dedicated to rescuing abused, abandoned, homeless animals and disaster relief animals, placing them in carefully screened, permanent homes, or foster homes (if necessary), where they will be well cared for. HPR will assist animal shelters and work closely with other Rescue Organizations to find homes for any homeless animal and disaster relief in their care.  Please see our DISCLAIMER for additional information.


A homeless animal that has documentation to prove their parentage.  Animals that do not have clear documentation of their parentage are not represented by this Organization as "Purebreds." They will be presented as  mix breed.


In the absence of clear documentation and/or first-hand knowledge of the origin of all animals listed on the HPR Website, Hurricane Pets Rescue mailing list, Hurricane Pets Rescue  Petfinder Site - determination of origin of these animals must be made based on their appearance and personality. Appearance and personality are determined by validation of our Regional Directors (RD) and Regional Case Managers (RCM). The animal’s appearance will either clearly match the breed standard, or will be based upon the presence of physical characteristics and personality traits that are shared by purebreds.


Our rescue volunteers share information with each other about homeless animals and disaster relief animals, requiring rescue, as well as information regarding potential adopters and other volunteers, in an effort to utilize all available resources and network.


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