Transport Policies.

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In the even that third party transportation is required, potential adopters and fosters must agree to abide by HPR transportation policies, which serve to protect an animal’s welfare. The policies cover both land and air transport, and can be made available upon request.


We prefer and will give preference to local adoptions vs. out of State.

HPR is a National animal welfare organization, therefore we have pets for you all over the nation, so check city and state near you.

Transport fees range anywhere from $ 250.00 to $ 1.000.00 these fees are the sole responsibility of the adopter.

We do not fly our animals unless is in the cabin escorted by a human.

Please do not ask about sending and animal via cargo.

if you live out of State we can drive the animal to you, if this is the case, each animal is driven personally by our transport volunteers, the expenses of the ground transport are also the sole responsibility of the adopter.
The following would not be considered third party transport:
– Shelter transport (such as that provided by the Mayor’s Alliance in NYC)​.
​- HPR representative, and or HPR volunteer.​

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