The work we do would not be possible without your kindness!

Your donation to Hurricane Pets Rescue goes straight to work in helping hundreds of animals at our Sanctuary in Florida and those we pull from shelters all across the country.

We are a small organization but mighthy!

Every penny counts and makes a diference in the lives we save.

We are all volunteers and receive no help from the government, thereofore your donation is needed and very much appreciated.

All donations go 110% to the animals we rescue.

Thank you for making a diference today, come back soon and make a diference again.

Our animals when they speak to us, we listen and communicate with the world what they say, guess what, right meow, they are saying “Thank you” to YOU!

One time donations can be made directly via this secure link by clicking on the donation button below:

or if preferred, checks can be mailed to this address:

Hurricane Pets Rescue, Inc.
2160 Bay Drive West
Suite # 14
Miami Beach, Fl 33141

Phone:  786-999-8239


HPR is  a  registered  501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your donations are 100% tax deductible.

Our Tax ID is: 42-169-3737

 HPR is not open to the public, and is not located at the address listed, which is for mail only.

For Recurrent donations or to sponsor a particular pet, please subscribe to become a Guardian Angel.

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