HPR Paw Lift for Pilots With Aircraft.

Hurricane Pets Rescue has launched “HPR Paw Lift“.

Are you a pilot?

If so, come and join our pack!

“HPR Paw Lift” is the place where you can use your aviation skills and aircraft to help animals victims in need of assistance due to a natural disaster such as a hurricane.

Your time and volunteer work will consist in airlifting pets to a safe destination from the disaster areas, or bringing much needed supplies to the affected areas, or both if you can.

All you need to do is fly your aircraft from point A to point B.

We would be honored to have you join our special team of awesome “paw lifter” volunteers.
If you are willing to help, then welcome aboard! 

HPR Paw Lift requires a pilot to have a current private pilot certificate and valid medical certificate, as well as be proficient in whatever airplane they fly.
Each pilot is in control of the mission they are assigned to fly. The captain is always in charge! 

Per FAA regulations, the pilot is responsible for determining the safety of the proposed flight, as well as the fitness of the aircraft and his or her own proficiency.


* Valid and current private (or higher) certificate, with class/type ratings and endorsements required for flying. 

* Instrument rating

* Valid & current class III or higher medical certificate

* 250 hours pilot in command (PIC) experience

 * 25 hours make and model in singles, 75 hours make and model in turbines and twin engines.

* 50 hours as PIC in last 12 months (waived with a flight review or completion of a Wings phase in the last 3 months)     

* Liability insurance policy

There are no fees or dues or other obligations to join HPR Paw Lift.  Your fuel and expenses are tax deductable.

There is no application to fill out, just fax or email your certifications, credentials and aircraft information to info@hurricanepetsrescue.org or fax to # 305-602-9899. 

What to send:
Your pilot’s license
Current medical
Liability insurance declaration page
Aircraft type
Your picture
Aircraft picture

Thank you for volunteering.

Please take a minute to read the guidelines of the program.
HPR Paw Lift is a branch of Hurricane Pets Rescue Inc. a 501(c)(3) nationwide all breed non-profit organization founded in 2005.

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