Monty Needs “BIG DEAL” surgery…

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I was hit by a car and left injured and unable to move on the side of the road...


Monty 10.12.14

Monty the day he was found and rescued from the street of South Miami.


Monty at the vet.

On October 13, a plea circulated on Facebook about a kitty that was laying down on the side of the road in South Miami panting, unable to move and meowing loudly.
HPR and a team of independent rescuers immediately started to work on his rescue, at the request of HPR and thanks to Maria Lopez Trigo a friend and independent rescuer that acted immediately and without hesitation, the kitty was picked up and brought in for veterinary care within minutes.
Unfortunately what kitty has is nothing that can be fixed as quick as his stray rescue was done.
Kitty, now named Monty was hit by a car and his injuries are extensive.

Unfortunately the impact has completely torn the ligament on the rear leg and the need cap is also pretty busted, he as well has neurological damage to the front leg and spine cord x-rays show that there could be damage to the spine but the extent of the neurological damage isn’t known just yet.

The rear leg will need full reconstructive surgery and this will most likely happen this coming Friday.
Vet doesn’t want to do it sooner because they want to see what the front leg is doing and they are hopeful that he can regain full or at least some movement.
As far of the front leg goes, the team of wonderful vets at Lauderdale Veterinary Speicalist attending to Monty, are hopeful still that he will regain movement but if not the only option will be amputation.

I spoke to one of the best internal medicine vets in Fl. attending to Monty today 10/16 and she mentioned that Doctor Cook, an awesome neurologist also on Monty’s team want to wait at least 21 day before even discussing amputation.

This is a big deal, and unfortunately there is no easy fixing him and the recovery time can be as long as 8 weeks for the rear leg only after surgery.
He cannot make it to the litter box on his own yet so his bladder is being expressed but to day he went all on his own on the wee wee pad.
Many prayers and pledges are now need for Monty’s vet care and full recovery.HPR will like to send all the attending vets at Lauderdale a heartfelt THANK YOU, for proving all the care that Monty needs and deserves.

Heartfelt THANKS ALSO to an awesome group of women – private rescuers that they do not mess around when duty calls, these women are: Maria Lopez Trigo, Maribel Moure and Ale Ochoa by HPR and them working together a successful rescue has taken place and a life was saved 3 days ago.

His bill is up to $ 6, 000.00 this includes the future surgery, so any help big or small is highly appreciate it by us but most of it by Monty.

Thank you may God bless you all.
Please DONATE for Monty’s Medical, no donation is too big or too small every little bit helps.

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Checks can be sent to:

Hurricane Pets Rescue Inc.

2160 Bay Drive West Suite # 14

Miami Beach, Florida 33141


Update 10/22/2014

Vet called today with fantastic “meow” it is our pleasure to tell you that little Monty’s is now slowly regaining movement of his front leg.

Is really amazing what good vet care and TLC can do.

He is still a bit annoyed with the bandage on his hind leg but is getting use to it and is now able to drag himself to go potty into the litter box.

What a good boy he is, with all his problems a human will just go, you know right on their pants but Monty boy has impeccable litter box manners so with pain an all to the litter box he goes.

We have high hopes for this little guy that he is going to be improving more and more everyday now he just needs an experienced foster for about a month and then he can come to HPR or of course and adopter to come through for him will be even better.


Update 10/18/2014

Doctor Bennett performed the surgery yesterday of Monty’s hind leg and it was a completely success.
All the ligaments were torn but one.
One of the vets present at the surgery that I spoke with yesterday said that Doctor Bennett basically sew one by one all the torn ligaments, that it was amazing just to watch him work.
He also had to completely reconstruct his knee and that was a success as well.
Monty now has a splinter and is not happy about that at all but must have it per doctor order so he doesn’t undo all work done to his leg.
The splinter will stay on for at least 2 weeks.
As for the front leg he still has feeling in on his toes so we are still very hopeful that mobility is regained.
Experienced foster is now needed for this baby if you can help please contact us.@
Also his bill Is now up to 6 K, this is a whole lot more than it was expected to be when we first learned about him, please donate no amount is too little or too large, every little bit helps in cases like this.


Update 10/16/2014 11:08 PM

I just got of the phone with Doctor Tocci she is the critical care vet at Lauderdale.

I was informed that Monty is doing really good. His blood work came back fantastic, he is negative for FELV and FIV, heart looks good and he is ready for Doctor Avery Bennett to perform the back leg reconstructive surgery tomorrow. God willing.

I also spoke yesterday with Doctor Allyson Cannon (one of the best internal medicine vets there is, also attending to Monty) regarding the spinal cord x-rays, Not surprise here, they do not look great although none of the vets believe that there is going to be permanent damage.Some trauma is definitely there and this is mostly likely the reason of why he has no mobility and the nerve damage to that leg.

Having said that, Doctor Cook the neurologist wants to give the leg a fighting change and time to heal so he advised to not do anything with the front leg for at least 21 days.

All vets are hopeful that the front leg may recover movement, but as of now is too soon to tell.

Due to the shock of what happened to this poor kitty, rumor has it that he has been acting feral, but today as he is in less pain, well care for, very much loved and not as in shock as he was when this first happened, he just now showing the true colors of a true sweetheart kitty, capable to give, lot of purrs and head butts, but not sandpaper kisses just yet.:)


Last Update

Monty has recuperated fully and he is living today in Broward Florida with his adopted family which is the very nurse that attended to him when he was hospitalized.

Thank you all for your prayers, speedy recovery wishes and donations.

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