Christmas Fundraiser Tis The Season, Hurricane Pets Rescue Chrismas Tree Is Here!
Your ornament makes warm beds, food, safe haven and medical "pawssible"...

Select an ornament or gift box from the list below
Click on the "Purple Paw" to donate via PayPal
Once at the PayPal page indicate what message you would like displayed
when someone hovers over your ornament with the mouse.
Message samples are:
In loving memory of...or
From anonymous donor, From John Smith, or
To my awesome sister or brother, etc. etc.
If you will like your ornament to be a present for a special person in your life.
Then just send us the e-mail of your gift recipient
and we will e mail them to inform them that a gift for them from you,
has been hanged on our tree and to go look for it!

Please note:
The candle ornament is for the "Menorah" only and
will be placed next to it with you message.

If you will like to really pay it forward,
please consider giving the gift of a "Monthly Sponsorship" by joining
HPR's "Guardian Angel" program.
HPR"s Guardian Angel program is a subscription via paypal,
so you will have to sign up to join.
Subscribing doesn't lock you into the program therefor you can cancel at anytime.
To join and or to learn more about the program
go to our web page
at and click
on the 'Donate" tab in the menu at the top of the page.
"Guardian Angels" provide food, litter,
basic medical, basic medications, general shelter support
as well as a roof for life for the animals at our cat sanctuary in Florida.

"Happy Pawlidays", to you and yours
and thank you for your caring and support
for those that have no voice and no home.
God Bless.

If you prefer to send a check for your ornament, checks can be sent to:
Hurricane Pets Rescue Inc. (HPR)
2160 Bay Drive West Suite # 14
Miami Beach, Florida 33141.

Please note that, this fundraiser will run all the way until January 31st. 2022
and please note that the address below is not for receiving goods.

HPR is a national all breed 501 (C)(3) disaster relief nonprofit with headquarters and sanctuary for cats in Miami Beach Florida.
All donations are tax deductible.

And yes, the kitties at the sanctuary have made a list,
and yes they have checked twice,
and here it is, check it out: "WISH LIST" .
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Happy Hanukkah!

ornament1 Your $ 20.00 donation will put Ornament 1 on the tree.  
  ornament 7 Your $ 90.00 donation will put Ornament 7 on the tree.  
ornament 2 Your $ 50.00 donation will put Ornament 2 on the tree.  
ornament 8 Your 60.00 donation will put Ornament 8 on the tree.  
ornament 3 Your $ 100.00 donation will put Ornament 3 on the tree.  
ornament 9 Your $ 10.00 donation will put Ornament 9 on the tree.  
ornament 4 Your $ 15.00 donation will put Ornament 4 on the tree.  
ornament 10 Your $ 5.00 donation will put Ornament 10 on the tree.  
ornament 5 Your $ 25.00 donation will put Ornament 5 on the tree.  
ornament 11 Your $ 80.00 donation will put Ornament 11 on the tree.  
ornament 6 Your $ 30.00 donation will put Ornament 6 on the tree.  
ornament 12 Your $ 40.00 donation will put Ornament 12 on the tree.  
TREETOPPER Your $ 500.00 or more donation will put the Topper on the tree.  
Light Your $ 2.00 donation will put a light on the tree.  
gifb box 1 Your $ 300.00 donation will put Gift Box 1 under the tree.  
gifb box 3 Your $ 200.00 donation will put Gift Box 3 under the tree.  
gift box 2 Your $ 150.00 donation will put Gift Box 2 under the tree.  
gifb box 4 Your $ 250.00 donation will put Gift Box 4 under the tree.  
GOLD PAW REZEIDED AND TRANSPARENT BACKGROUND.png Your $ 95.00 donation will put a Gold Paw Ornament on the tree  
  justin teeny2 Your $ 140.00 donation will put a Photo Ornament on the tree.
E-Mail your picture to
SILVER PAW TRANSPARENT BACKGROUND AND RESIZED.png Your $ 85.00 donation will put a Silver Paw ornament on the tree.  
ANGEL WING TRANSPEARENT BACKGROUND.gif Your $ 125.00 donation will put the Angel Wings ornament on the tree.  
DISASTER RELIEF transparent.png Your $ 35.00 donation will put a Disaster Relief Paw ornament on the tree.  
CANDLE.gif Your $ 12.00 donation will put a candle next to the Menorah.  

Be sure to include your message when making a donation.

HPR Is a National 501 (C)(3)Nonprofit and NYC New Hope Partner
all donations are tax deductible.
Tax ID # 42-1693737